Roland Boss TonePedia Audio Player

TonePedia GmbH

Founder | Shareholder
March 2017 – Current

As one of the founders, I built TonePedia together with my partners with one thing in our mind: To let people explore musical instruments and gear online. Today, Tonepedia is the world’s first interactive audio player and UX tool for manufacturers, dealers and distributors of musical instruments.

Just Music GmbH

Just Music GmbH

Head of E-Commerce
November 2007 – February 2018

Passionate E-commerce manager with 8 years „Had-of“ experience

As the Head of E-commerce, I was responsible for all matters relating to the online shop and all associated interfaces, services and content.

vellúa – music for the soul


Music Producer & Musician
2018 – Current

…you feel it deep inside, a faint trembling, the echo of a sound, of a song… Questioning in our mind… in all of us, the answer is buried so deep … so hard to find …Haval and Joe, two brothers, two musicians, felt it stronger and stronger, more and more clear…

Haco Foundation

Haco Foundation

Founding Member
October 2019 – Current

The Haco Foundation which was named after my great-grandfather has one vision: To help people from Rojava, victims of a terrible and long-lasting war! The foundation collects money from a growing number of members. The money goes to the victims who are in need.

Ciwan Haco photo

Ciwan Haco

Artist Manager
September 2007 – 2016

Ciwan Haco is THE kurdish music icon! From 2007, after my students team and I brought Ciwan to a big festival in Berlin, he asked me to become his manager. I worked for him until the end of 2016.